Payday Loan up to 10,000 euro

If you are interested in applying for a loan of 10,000 euros, then in this article you will find all the useful information related to loans. So we will see how you can request a quote by performing the online simulation. Finally, some examples to know the characteristics of this form of financing, with the duration and the amount to be paid each month.

How to apply for a € 10,000 payday loan

When we are looking for funding, as we often recommend on our website, the best thing to do is to turn to the main companies in circulation. Surely a big bank gives more guarantees than the lending solutions that we can find surfing the internet, even if the latter promise us seemingly better conditions. For this reason, if you are looking for a 10,000 euro loan, a solution to be taken into consideration is that of payday loans. The first reason for choosing this product is, as we said, the great reliability of the company we are talking about, which even since 1984 has specialized in consumer credit.

The reasons why we may need a payday loan of 10 thousand euros are then multiple and of a different nature.

Let’s see what are the projects that are considered by us, and among which we will then have to choose when requesting an estimate first, and then also to proceed with the request for the actual loan. In the corresponding drop-down menu of the simulator, we will first find the expenses related to the vehicles. Here we can choose between buying a car, specifying whether it is new, used, or used for less than 12 months. We can also request a loan to purchase a new or used motorbike, or even to purchase a motor home or boat.

The second category is real estate, which includes the purchase of a house, a land (building or not), a box or any other type of property. As for the home, a 10,000 euro loan can be very useful to cope with restructuring costs, or the purchase of furniture and appliances, but also to apply photovoltaic panels. Any purchases of electronic products such as smartphones, tablets and PCs are also considered as projects. In addition, funding can be useful for our free time, and therefore organize a holiday, or family ceremonies and events, or still face university expenses or other courses. Finally, among other projects are mentioned medical expenses and legal fees, which unfortunately we can face.

We have seen why the 10,000 euro payday loans can be the ideal solution.

Let’s see in detail what are the characteristics of this form of financing, so as to be able to identify which is the ideal duration that determines a suitable installment for our economic resources, without providing excessively high interests. As we know, in fact, with payday loans the company offers us the opportunity to choose between different solutions, which are distinguished by the number of installments provided for reimbursement. As the number of installments increases, the amount that we will pay each month will be lower, while the latter will increase as we decrease the duration of the loan.

It should be said that therefore the ideal duration is that which provides for the lowest installment, which therefore we will not have problems to deal with. However, the negative aspect of a longer duration is linked to the interests we are going to pay to the bank which issues the loan, which will also be higher. For this reason the best thing to do is to find the right balance that allows us to minimize the interests, but with a monthly payment that does not change too much the budget at our disposal. In the table below you can find the estimate, with repayment installment and interest applied, for each of the possible durations, which will be useful for identifying the ideal duration.

18 months € 583.50 6.26 6.44
24 months 444.40 euros 6.26 6.44
30 months 361.00 euros 6.26 6.45
36 months € 305.40 6.26 6.44
42 months € 265.70 6.24 6.43
48 months € 236.00 6.25 6.43
54 months € 213.00 6.26 6.44
60 months € 194.50 6.25 6.43
66 months € 179.50 6.26 6.44
72 months 167.00 euros 6.26 6.45
78 months 156.40 euros 6.26 6.44
84 months € 147.30 6.25 6.43
96 months 132.70 euros 6.26 6.44

If you are interested in applying for a loan of 10,000 euros, contacting us, from the table above you will immediately notice how the duration can vary from a minimum of 18 up to a maximum of 96 months. With regard to the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates, we note that these are almost constant as the number of months in which the reimbursement decision is made varies. However, as we have said, it is always better to move towards the top of the table, given that the overall interest we are going to pay will be considerably lower.