How do you choose the right amount of payday loan for yourself?

You want to take out a payday loan, but you do not know what amount will be right for you?

Jak wybrać właściwą kwotę pożyczki dla siebie?

It is good to think about it not to take too much or too little. How to determine how much money do we need from a payday loan? Check with us!

We take out payday loans for various purposes, including renovation, purchase of home furnishings, holiday trips, children’s school kits or debts. We can take a payday loan for any purpose – it’s up to us how we use the money we receive. Read more

Payday Loans for private employees: right away for you up to € 75,000

Payday Loans for private employees: right away for you up to € 75,000

Payday loans for private employees: the convenience of installments always in line with your salary

Payday loans for private employees – which in the most used form, are provided through the formula of the assignment of the fifth salary – allow employees of private companies with a permanent contract to have in a very short time available up to € 75,000 through the typical methods of the assignment of the fifth.

The installments of the Payday loan for private sector employees are deducted directly from the applicant’s payroll and paid by the employer, who are responsible for the payment of installments. The amount of the deduction can not, under any circumstances, exceed the threshold of one fifth of the salary of the employee, or never more than 20% of the net paycheck. Read more