Payday Loan Requirements: What do I need to receive funding or loans?

In this page we will deal with a very important aspect related to the loan, which is the necessary requirements to be able to request it. So let’s find out what it takes to receive funding and payday loans, with the income guarantees that will be required by the company.

Requirements Payday Loan: age, residence and documents required for foreigners

Within our website we have repeatedly talked about payday loans, which are undoubtedly among the best in circulation as they allow us to receive up to 60,000 euros. An aspect that is good to analyze in detail to know if we can access without problems the funding we need is that of the requirements that are required by the company. This is in fact the main obstacle to overcome in order to obtain the sum of money we need. All credit institutions must protect themselves from the possibility of non-repayment, and to do so they require minimum requirements without which it is not possible to obtain a loans. So before submitting a loans application is good to know what are the necessary requirements and what the economic guarantees that we will have to present to get the money we need.

The first requirement that is set in the funding regulation is that concerning age limits. Obviously, as with any form of loan, it is essential that the applicant be of age, so he is over 18 years old. As for the maximum age that can be had at the time of the request, sets this threshold at 75 years. The age limits considered by are if we want the “standard” ones set by different companies, even if it must be said that there are credit institutes that make it possible to submit the request up to 80 years. The second basic requirement concerns the residence of the applicant. The latter must in fact necessarily be resident in Italy, and will have to prove it with appropriate documentation. On the basis of what has just been said, therefore, those who are resident abroad, even if they are Italians, can not submit the loans application.

As far as foreign citizens are concerned, no further restrictions are placed, so this means that it will be enough for the foreign applicant to be resident in Italy at the time of the request for funding. What is the necessary documentation to apply for a loans directly online? For Italian citizens it will be enough a valid identity document that can be therefore the identity card, the driving license or the passport. On the website it is also specified that among the documents that are accepted there are also the firearms and the ministerial card. As regards foreign citizens from non-EU countries, the identity document to be presented will be the residence document. Finally, for foreign citizens who come from a country belonging to the European Union, the identity card can also be used in this case, but alternatively the certificate of residence in the context or the proof of regularity of stay or residence are also valid. registry registration. Among the documents necessary to request a loans then appears the tax code. To present the latter, both the tax code card and the health card may be used.

Income documents: what is the purpose of receiving payday loans?

So far we have only analyzed the requirements concerning the applicant’s personal data and the personal documents of the applicant. However, it is not enough to have these simple requirements to access the loans without any problems. The main obstacle that must be overcome to get the money we need is that of the income requirements that are required of us. Precisely this is why many find themselves having to give up the funding they need. What are the income documents required by to access the loans? The income document par excellence is, as always, the paycheck. This is in fact the ideal guarantee for a credit institution that must provide a loans for any amount. The reason why all banks and financial institutions require the paycheck to their customers is very simple: it is a document through which the customer proves to have a fixed monthly income, from which the repayment installment can be deducted each month. that will be fixed. In particular, all you need for an employee to apply for a loan is the last two paychecks.

This is why almost all employees will have no problem receiving a loans, even if there are some exceptions. For example, employees with fixed-term contracts can not always receive the desired funding. In particular, to ensure that the customer can obtain the money he needs, it is necessary that the date on which the payment of the last repayment installment is fixed is before the expiration date of the employment contract. Finally, the additional assessments made by the company before making the payment concern the monthly salary received. According to the latter, the maximum repayment installment that the customer will be able to face each month will be estimated. Consequently, considering the duration that can be fixed and the applied interest rates, the maximum amount to which it will be possible will be established.

What has been said so far is also valid for pensioners. In this case, all you need to receive funding are the last two pension coupons and the CU model. In fact, the pension, like the salary, also represents an insured monthly income. The speech of self-employed workers is different, so they are without paychecks. In this case the earnings received by the client are not fixed every month, and are influenced by seasonality. For this reason it is a bit more complicated to access the payday loans. The income document necessary to present the request is the Unico model, which must be complete with a receipt of presentation and form with the receipt of payment. On the basis of this documentation, the company will also perform an evaluation of the maximum payment that can be dealt with by the customer, and consequently the amount that can be requested will also be defined.

The documentation that we have reported so far is the one that is also specified on the website and represents all that we need in order to apply for a completely online loan. As for those who are unemployed, there is no way to request online. However, if you are unemployed and looking for a loans, our advice is to go to one of the branches, whose complete list can also be consulted on the company’s website. In this case, in order to obtain the financing you need, the presentation of a guarantor is essential. So a relative or a friend can guarantee for us by presenting a valid income document. In case of non-payment of installments by us it will be the guarantor to have to pay the amount not refunded.