With these credit cards you can only win

It is worth keeping an eye on the discount promotions offered by the banks, which can save you thousands of forints a month. Below we show you what promotions banks are currently offering their card customers. In addition to our special offers on credit cards, we also introduce a freshly released product that combines the benefits of two types of cards.


Cheap credit card, which is also a loyalty card

Cheap credit card, which is also a loyalty card

At SaveWise Bank, you can apply for the SaveWise-Kuno Culture Card from 3 November, which is both a loyalty card and a bank card. On the one hand, it functions as a full-fledged special Maestro debit card and, on the other hand, as a loyalty card, it offers the discounts provided by ClearSavings Financing.

The annual fee for a credit card is 0 dollar, but you must purchase it for at least 4 000 dollars at least sixty times a year. If this condition is not met, the annual fee of the card will be $ 4,000. In addition, you will be charged a manufacturing fee of $ 5,000 when issuing your card. As a loyalty card, you will receive a 15% discount on all purchases made at Kuno’s bookstores and website, and you will earn points on your loyalty account with each purchase. Our loyalty points can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise or even for a bargain entry to a circus, museum or theater.


OneCard, two actions

credit card

With a Ruffsen OneCard credit card you can also get a discount at a bookstore. Paying with our credit card gives you 15% off your purchase in the Lira Book stores by November 30th. And if you would like to furnish your home or buy this kind of gift, you can still benefit from our OneCard card, as you will receive a $ 1,000 gift voucher for purchases made with your credit card over 10,000 forints in Butlers stores until 23 November.


Refuel cheaper!

Refuel cheaper!

At OPT Bank, you will receive a 1% refund on any purchase made with your American Express Blue credit card and 1% credit on a Gold card up to $ 2 million per year, up to 2%. In addition, you will receive an additional 1% rebate on MOL service stations for the December 31 promotion. However, you can get extra discounts not only for refueling, but also for clothing and groceries, as we receive an additional 2% credit on C&A and Lidl stores when paying with our American Express credit card.

We can also save money at GO with Bunapest Bank until December 31! Take advantage of discounted card offers. GO! With your credit card, the bank will give you a 6% discount on all purchases at the gas station during the first 6 months, up to a maximum of 1,800 dollars per month, and 2% up to a maximum of 20,000 dollars per month for other purchases or direct debits. In addition, you get $ 10,000 back if you buy a GO for at least $ 50,000 within one month of issuing your card! with the credit card.

So it’s worth keeping an eye on the banks’ promotions, because with these credit cards you can really win.

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